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WOW, where is the time going?

Fabric Paper Scissors, located in my Garden Studio in Gedney Hill, is a place to be creative and challenge yourself under expert guidance from the UK's leading tutors. This year will be the fourth year that I've had a studio. The studio opened in my garden in September of last year. How lucky am I to have such a great space now, I get to share it with incredible tutors and of course like-minded creative people like you.

We've had some great adventures so far and I'm looking forward to more this coming year. Friendships have been forged and challenges met. Tutors have agreed to return in 2024,  but I’ve also invited new tutors who will bring something different.

If you want to learn something new or hone an existing skill, then have a look at the workshops on offer.

Workshops are open to beginners and those with a little more experience. I offer a relaxed environment for you to develop your craftiness!  With a friendly, informal atmosphere with plenty of tea, coffee and cake available at every workshop session!

Our workshop sessions are ideal for creative types and people looking for something different to try, everything from wet felting, painting, machine embroidery, slow stitching and the alchemy of dying fabrics.

So if you've not found your "thing' come along to a workshop and have a go at something new.


You’ll leave each workshop with your creation(s) and hopefully, the confidence to create independently.


Pop over to the "What we've been up to" page, and you will see the amazing results of our past workshops.  

You can see what exciting workshops are coming up on the "Book Workshops" page. I hope what you see inspires you.

Are you ready to get involved? Join our mailing list for details of upcoming workshops.

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